PERFORM – ArchitecthZekeriyaköy Project

Perform architecture operates in building projects in many countries of the world. We have completed hundreds of projects directly or as a financing affiliate.

We will continue to exist in many private and corporate projects and improve the world in the upcoming period.


The Perform group offers exclusive and unique services in many areas. We can summarize them as follows. however, we have unlimited competence and opportunities, including urban transformation.



Building Construction
Residence Construction
Apartments and villas
Business centers
Special Buildings
Highways and Tunnels

Working Style

Perform Yapı implements projects with legal and private agreements all over the world.

Perform construction customers reach the buildings and structures of the quality and durability they desire, at the most affordable costs and profitability.

Our company policy is that we will proceed not with the aim of high profitability but with the goals of circulation and penetration.

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