Generally speaking, INVEST AFRICA FORUM IN TURKEY (IAFT2021), is intended to be a strategic meeting and exchange platform for the integrated promotion of investment in Africa. Succinctly put, it is the pioneer major international market for investment in Africa. Based on this new orientation of the economic policy of Turkey, and wish to make their own way and at its modest contribution to the realization of this new economic vision, the first edition of IAFT 2021 which will to take place from 10 th 13 JUN 2021, contribute alongside the Turkish state, to meet this ambitious challenge, organizing in Istanbul with the participation and support of the The government of the Republic of Turkey, IAFT 2021- Istanbul, Turkey

Event Contents

The IAFT organization is an excellent platform for marketing, collaboration and investment opportunities.

  • B2B

    Promoting investors B2B and One-to-One meetings

  • Famous Talkers

    Discussions on renowned experts and their investments in Africa

  • Forums

    Investment potential and opportunities in Africa


Building Infrastructure Road
Energy Food Mine
Automotive Health Health Tourism
Health Equipments Agriculture and Fisheries Textile
Confection Leather Transportation
Logistics and Communication Finance Chemistry
Oil Plastic Electric and Electronic
Glass Cement Metal
Education Tourism Other

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