MENŞURE AKYOL started her business life in 2009 as one of the founding partners of AKYOL CONSTRUCTION.

Its main business areas were Construction, Building materials, Hardware, Architectural operations and Human resource management.

In 2012, he developed the company’s fields of activity and established sales stores by taking the dealership and distributorship of big brands such as FRANKE, BIEN SERAMIK, EVDEMA and MAKITA.

Afterwards, they established LAVITA, a large kitchen brand, and established their Factory and sales stores.

In 2012, he continued his business life as the sole owner of the company by acquiring all shares and rights of Akyol İnşaat and Lavita brand.

As of 2020, they merged with PERFORM GROUP, a global company, and established PERFORM CONSTRUCTION. and today he continues his successful business life as the CEO of PERFORM CONSTRUCTION.

MENŞURE AKYOL is responsible for directly managing PERFORM GROUP’s Turkey, Africa and Middle East operations and is one of the company’s global board members.

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+90 530 243 26 42
Istanbul - Turkey

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